Antero & C SA supplies high quality steel products at competitive prices. Of the wide offer, highlight to the beams and commercial bars (rectangular, square, T).
Of the range of rods, we have to mention the ribbed, the metalwork and twisted squares. Find the best selection in terms of sheet metal, whether polished, perforated, smooth corrugated galvanized or checkered, drop and tear.
With different shapes (square, round, rectangular) and finish types (pickled, structural, galvanized) the variety of pipes will surprise you. Get to know in more detail the available panels, covers and profiles. Call us for free.


A nossa oferta no mundo da soldadura vai desde a maquinaria mais inovadora ao acessório mais simples.

  • Sheet
  • Galvanized Sheets
  • Ribbed Sheets
  • Diamond Place Sheets
  • Smooth Sheets
  • Ondulated Sheets
  • Perforated Sheets
  • Polished Sheets
  • Scaled Sheets
  • Covers
  • Profiles T
  • Profiles UPN
  • Profiles Square
  • Panels
  • Profiles
  • Scaled Tube
  • Strutural Tube
  • Galvanized Tube
  • Square Tube
  • Rectangular Tube
  • Round Tube
  • Metalworking rod
  • Ribbed rod
  • Twisted square rod

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