Antero & Ca SA (Antero), was founded in 1928, based in Porto.Thanks to its more than 90 years of existence, it has become one of the reference iron warehouses in Portugal. The first establishment was located at Rua do Almada, in Porto city center, next to many other iron and hardware stores, in a commercial street then specialized in shops in the sector. In 1960, he moved to the neighboring town of Vila Nova de Gaia, specifically Rua General Torres, near the city`s central train station. Later, in 1978, he moved back to Coimbrões.

In 1990, Antero was acquired by the Hiemesa Group, at which time an accelerated development of its activity begins. It has diversified its business into the full range of steel products and expanded geographically. In 1997 he moved to a new warehouse and office headquarters in Avintes, in 1998 he acquired an iron warehouse in Vila do Conde and in the year 2000 built his largest warehouse in Mealhada. Recently, in 2009, it inaugurated the southernmost unit of Portugal, in Caldas da Rainha.


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In 2000, Antero decided to open the industrial hardware and accessories division to provide better service to its customers, in order to comply with the policy of the group it represents, the Hiemesa Group, which intends to include industrial hardware and accessories in steel products distribution division. Antero is currently part of the Hiemesa Group, a group with over 35 years of experience in the Iberian steel market and dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of steel products.

We define ourselves as a steel service center that distributes the full range of steel products: structural steel products (profiles, structural pipe and industrial plate), construction materials (ribbed rod and welded mesh), for metalwork ( plates, tubes and commercial bars), complemented by industrial hardware, machinery and accessories.

Our company, in its desire to achieve leadership and provide the best service to its customers, is capable of answering all types of requests, from the simplest to the most complex, covering both retail and wholesale of these materials.

Our client portfolio covers virtually every industry. This is why among them we find metal frame industrialists, construction companies, locksmiths, small and medium dealers and equipment industries.

Antero currently has four distribution warehouses: its headquarters in Avintes (Vila Nova de Gaia) and three delegations in Vila do Conde, Mealhada and Caldas da Rainha. We have about 90 employees, a fleet of 20 trucks and an area of over 17,000 square meters, between the four distribution centers. Antero also has a large team of professionals with proven experience, a high level of training and a special interest in applying the latest technological advances in the sector. All of this allows us to provide agile, efficient, flexible and effective service to our customers.

ANTERO Quality Policy

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It should be noted that the company has always endeavored to ensure that all products distributed on the market meet the corresponding quality standards.

All products that the company buys from its suppliers, without exception, must be accompanied by the respective quality certificate, which states that a particular article is in compliance with the standards in force. Any consumer who so wishes can receive, along with the shipping documentation, the quality certificate of their product, thus guaranteeing the quality of the product.


Consult the Antero Metallic File documentation (In Spanish).



The Hiemesa Group comprises different companies in the steel sector.


Hiemesa is a leading Spanish group of companies in the steel sector, which are specialised in manufacturing, transformation, marketing and distribution.

Hierros del Mediterráneo

Hierros del Mediterraneo: a steel services centre for the marketing and distribution of long steel products.


Antero: a steel services centre for the marketing and distribution of long steel products in Portugal.


Bellacer: suppliers to industrial companies in the construction, building, public works, metal doors and gates, heaters and bathroom installation sectors.


Steelmed: a steel services centre for the marketing and distribution of industrial sheet metal.


Hiansa: leading manufacturers and marketers in profiled sheets of pre-lacquered steel shaped for roofs and facades of fundamental application in industrial construction.


Hiansa Panel: leading manufacturers and marketers of sandwich panels made of pre-lacquered steel and polyurethane coating for roofs and facades of fundamental application in industrial construction.

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  • Solutions in steel construction

    Any constructive requirement regarding steel materials, you will find in ANTERO & COMPANHIA SA the widest range of products, as well as an adequate response to the technical, functional and aesthetic demands of modern architecture and the innovative spirit of the creative designer.

  • Quality – from start to finish

    Our commitment to quality integrated from the purchase to provedored, is one of the most evident aspects in the progress of ANTERO & COMPANHIA SA, constituting the basis of its reality in the present and its projection towards the future.

  • Commercial Network

    One of the keys of the Hiemesa Group’s enormous success in recent years has been the decision to diversify its activities, and distribute them – sector by sector – among different companies within the Group itself.


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